Diversity and Inclusion

Committee on Medical Physics Statement on Diversity

GPMP Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

The Graduate Program in Medical Physics (GPMP) at the University of Chicago recognizes that commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and outreach is critical for scientific excellence. We know the inclusion of individuals from all backgrounds and life experiences will only enhance research at our institution. We are committed to developing a long-term plan to more actively engage and to make conscientious choices to create a diverse and inclusive environment. With this in mind, we commit to take action against inequity for the improvement of our program and community. 

In 2020, our program launched several initiatives to address what we had identified as areas needing further DEI growth. These activities included reviving a student-faculty book club, partnership with Chicago Public Schools (CPS), expansion of our inclusivity training for faculty, and review of our admissions process to ensure holistic evaluation of applicants’ potential.

We remain committed to nurturing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, and we are working towards this goal with several ongoing initiatives, enumerated below. These include expanded volunteer opportunities, extension of inclusivity training for students, and intentional focus on outreach in our local South Side community.

We understand these efforts will require years of consistent work to realize greater change towards equity for all. We recognize that these actions are just the first steps towards this goal. With this commitment, we sincerely hope for continuous improvement of our program, our field of medical physics, and our Chicago community. 


We are committed to nurturing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment through the following initiatives in our program:

  • Inclusivity training:

We incorporate inclusivity training for students and faculty into the annual GPMP retreat, prior to the beginning of each academic year.

  • Holistic admissions:

We regularly review our admissions process to ensure holistic evaluations of applicants’ potential. We also include DEI training at faculty meetings prior to application review.

  • Diversity, equity & inclusion book/podcast club:

Students and faculty participate in a quarterly book/podcast club through which we engage in honest discussions on social and racial justice, academic resilience, retention, and inclusivity. 

Previous books and podcasts:

  1. Whistling Vivaldi (Claude Steele)
  2. Thinking, Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman)
  3. Superior: The Return of Race Science (Angela Saini)
  4. Nice White Parents (The New York Times)
  5. How to be an Antiracist (Ibram X. Kendi)
  6. The South Side (Natalie Y. Moore)
  7. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot)

Future podcasts:

  1. The NIH Resilience podcast series
  • Marie Curie Lecture:

Our annual lecture promotes DEI&O in medical physics by showcasing outstanding researchers who can also provide a unique perspective on the state of diversity in the field. After a campus tour and a faculty meet & greet, the speaker leads a DEI-focused discussion over lunch with faculty and students, then gives a research lecture. 

Previous speakers:

  1. Dr. Tyrone Porter (Nov 2022)
  2. Dr. Roderic Pettigrew (Nov 2021)
  3. Dr. Stephen Avery (Nov 2020)
  4. Dr. Angelica Perez-Andujar (April 2019)
  5. Dr. Julianne Pollard-Larkin (2018)
  • South Side outreach:

We participate in physics-focused community outreach with an intentional focus on our local South Side community.

  1. South Side Science Festival (September 2022) 
  2. Physics with a Bang (2020)
  3. Individual tutoring children from underserved communities
  • Chicago Public Schools (CPS) outreach:

We have partnered with southeast region Instructional Support Leaders (ISL) within CPS to open research and mentorship opportunities and help with science curriculum development.

  • Volunteering:

We engage in individual and group volunteer opportunities provided through the University of Chicago. Opportunities have included group volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository and individual tutoring at the Carole Robertson Center for Learning.

  1. Broader Impacts Fair
  2. UChicago Outreach
  3. BSD Dean's Council 


For more information about how to get involved, please get in touch with our Diversity and Outreach Committee student representatives:

D&O Committee Student Co-directors: Sagada Penano (, Gia Jadick (

Curie Lecture Coordinator: Lucas Berens (

Recruitment Leaders: Chisondi Warioba (, Sagada Peñano (